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Target Stores go green?
June 30, 2009, 10:51 pm
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Or so it says in their website. Last week Target stores were the target of a complaint filed by the California Attorney General, in which they are accused of improperly disposing of hazardous wastes and materials.

California Target Stores Sued Over Waste Disposal — chicagotribune.com

Target has, what I would call, a very innovative environmental policy. They are one of the stores I usually trust to carry a wide variety of environmentally friendly products, while providing one stop convenience. And it is this convenience which allows them to bring environmental, fair trade, and sometimes local products to the masses. I mean, how many people who have never set foot in a Whole Foods type of store know about Method products??

If it is proven that these claims are correct, Target needs to step up. While I doubt that this is a company wide problem, it certainly serves as a wake up call for them to institute stricter policy compliance methods in order to avoid this situation again. And, if true, I hope this is dealt with appropriately by the regulatory agencies. After all, even if they are slapped with fines, the damage these wastes may have done to the environment is almost irreversible.